Recovery BKF Files Involvement of Simple And Precise Processing!

By employing only few simple steps, recovery BKF files can be done. Read the given below steps of BKF repair software which let you avail easy BKF data recovery:

In order to have recovery BKF done, at the very first step, install BKF File Recovery software by following default path.

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You can go to the default path by following one simple step:

Start » Programs » BKF Recovery software

Step 1First step would be obtaining three different scanning options software provides such as Deep Scan,Quick Scan and Range based Scan options

Quick and Deep Scan

Step 2

Second, for Range Based scan option is also very easy to avail and to obtain this scanning feature, select drop down menu and then get Range based scan option

Range Based Scan

Step 3 Load Previous Scanned File : Thirdly,You will not require to scan again, you only need to load the same bkf file and then it will ask to you, do you want to load the previous scan, you have to click: Yes, and wait for loading of the previous scanned file, as shown below:

                          Loading Process

Load BKF files for extraction process. Once you are over with loading process, must get preview of all the loaded BKF files

                          Loading Process

Step 4

Fourthly, you can view your recovered file by pressing right click on particular file.

View BKF File Content

Step 5

Finally, extract BKF files into healthy BKF files, after extraction process comes to an end, save the extracted BKF files at the location.

Extract BKF File

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